Full fruit keyboard

Step 1 /4


You will see the completed code for the previous fruit keyboard tutorial with an additional fruit added, already on your workspace. Click the text boxes connected to the get string sprite blocks to change the name to your fruits.

Now set-up the CodeBug emulator again to show the inputs and outputs by clicking the green Cog and ticking the Show leg controls box.

Step 2 /4

Adding extra fruit

Repeat the steps from the previous fruit keyboard tutorial, to add another two if blocks that checks if leg 2 and 3 are grounded and then scrolls a different fruit name if the fruit is touched. Make sure you also add another two leg input/output on the start block to set 2 and 3 as an inputs. Repeat this for your other two pieces of fruit or veg.

Step 3 /4

Run your code

Click the Play button to run your code. The message will scroll while a leg is clicked.

Step 4 /4

Download your code

Click the Download button to download your program. Make sure to follow the download to CodeBug tutorial to load your program onto your bug.