Analogue inputs

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The inputs on CodeBug can be use in two modes, digital and analogue. Digital is on and off like a switch. Analogue gives a value between 0 and 255 depending on the voltage, like a light dimmer-switch.

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Setting up analogue inputs

  • First click on the blue cog on the start block and tick the checkbox next to leg 0 input/output.

  • Click the cog again to close this window and select analogue input from the leg 0 as dropdown menu.

  • This puts leg 0 into the analogue input mode.

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  • Now from the Loops menu, drag in a repeat while true loop and snap it below your start block, so you can repeatedly read and display the value of the analogue leg.

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Scrolling the value

  • From the Sprite menu, drag in a scroll sprite block and snap it inside your repeat while loop.

  • Also from the Sprite menu, drag in a get string sprite block and snap it to your scroll sprite block.

  • From the Inputs/Outputs menu, drag in a read analogue leg block and snap it to your get string sprite block (on top of the "Hello world" text block).

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Show leg controls

  • Click the green cog at the top right of the emulator.

  • Tick Show leg controls.

  • Click Apply.

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Running your code

  • Click the play button on the emulator. It will scroll "255".

  • If you click and hold leg 0, the emulator will start scrolling 0 instead. This shows us the highest and lowest value our analogue leg can read.

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Download your code

  • Click Download to download your code.

  • Load your code onto your CodeBug.