Music: 8-step sequencer

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This is an 8-step sequencer, which allows a repeating sequence of 8 notes to be edited and played at varying BPM rates. Tapping button A selects a particular step for editing. Holding B causes the current Pitch setting to be stored in that step. Steps can be muted by holding B and tapping A. The LED above the step will go out. Pitch of the currently selected step is adjusted by analogue input 1. (you need a potentiometer dial on this input). BPM is adjusted by analogue input 2 (again, you need a potentiometer dial on this input). The moving LED shows the current step being played, and a solid LED in the same position shows which step is selected for editing. Another LED above each step shows which steps are active (lit) or muted (unlit). The Pitch control has a frequency range of 988Hz (B5) to 4196Hz (just above C8). It uses a polynomial with 16-bit integer maths to approximate an exponential response: y=(x/6)^2+55x/10+988 The BPM control has a theoretical range of 20 to 250 BPM. However, the overhead of all the code and LED outputs probably slows it down.

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