CodeBug + GlowBugs x10

Create and Code a chain of coloured lights attached to CodeBug


The perfect match! Add colour to your CodeBug with 10 GlowBugs. Croc-clips included.

  • 10 × GlowBugs
  • 30 × CrocClips
  • 1 × CodeBug
  • 1 × Micro USB Cable
  • 1 × Quick Start Guide

Make these fun things with CodeBug + GlowBugs x10

Learn how to use CodeBug GlowBugs and make beautiful patterns.

Follow this simple guide to tether CodeBug to your computer, allowing you to control your CodeBug and GlowBugs with Python.

Learn how to use CodeBug GlowBugs to create beautiful light-up wearables.

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