Hello there.. I am the (not so) Almighty Chilli Bee and I enjoy making random stories in my head and "trying" to write them down (emphasis on trying) even if they're not the best. I also enjoy roleplaying, drawing and being a mad fangirl, especially for Homestuck o3o. Also bees. Bees are good. I am a gay little baby and I am Non-binary/agender!! Feel free to say they/them or she/her cos idgaf. I may use like a ton of text faces too such as : =3, o3o, x3, XD, o-o, ._., ;n;, =T, /)>u<(\, o////o etc etc.. There is a possibility that I might have Asperger's Syndrome (Just google it) shown by my social anxieties and crap way of conversation. I have no schedule what so ever so if i seem inactive or just plain lazy, just give me a heads up. I would also appreciate it if you would give me ideas on new books, how to continue my stories, what i could change about my stories and/or what you like about my stories. Fair critiques are good, hate is absolutely terrible. Deviantart: ThisCrush: Google+: Youtube: Pesterchum: loopylizarD Instagram: _lg_bee_t_/chillithebatman

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I am homestuck trash, my life is a meme and i like drawing.

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