This guide will show you how to adopt your CodeBug Connect on the CodeBug Connect Website. Once setup, you’ll be able to:


Before following this guide your CodeBug must be able to connect to WiFi. Follow the Set up Wifi guide if you haven’t done already.

  1. If you have an account, log in to the CodeBug Website. If do not have an account click the Register button. If necessary, ask an adult to Sign up for you.

    Log in Register Buttons
  2. Either enter your username and password

    Log in

    or signup with a valid email address.

  1. From the main menu, choose CODEBUG CONNECTMY CODEBUG CONNECTS

  2. Click Download Key button to download your unique key. Your browser will download a file named adoption_key.dat – store it somewhere on your computer as you’ll need to copy it onto your CodeBug in a later step.

    Download Adoption Key Button
  1. Disconnect CodeBug Connect from all power sources.

  2. Press and hold the centre of Joystick A in while plugging CodeBug Connect into your computer’s USB port. Keep it held until USB scrolls across in yellow.

  3. CodeBug Connect will show a yellow file icon when it is ready to receive files.

    Download Adoption Key Button
  1. Copy the downloaded adoption_key.dat file into the top level directory (not in a sub-folder) of your CodeBug Connect.

  2. Eject (or for some operating systems unmount) the CodeBug Connect USB disk. Wait until the end of the next step before unplugging.

  3. On most computers (though not some Apple Computers) the yellow file icon on CodeBug Connect will turn green, indicating when it’s safe to unplug.

    Green File icon

    On later updates CodeBug Connect will scroll a message requesting it is unplugged.

As part of the adoption progress you should see your CodeBug Connect appear on the MY CODEBUG CONNECTS when your CodeBug Connect next boots up and connects to the Internet.

  1. Have the MY CODEBUG CONNECTS page open in your browser.

  2. Reapply power to your CodeBug Connect.

  3. Watch the display of your CodeBug Connect and check it successfully connects to the WiFi.

  4. Wait for your new CodeBug Connect to appear

    CodeBug Connect device status
  1. On the MY CODEBUG CONNECTS click the newly adopted CodeBug Connect

    CodeBug Connect device detail
  2. Click the pencil

    Pencil to rename CodeBug Connect Device
  3. Enter a friendly name and click SAVE

    Enter name and click save


    Write the name you’ve given your CodeBug on a label on the back of your physical bug then it’s easy to identify.

If you’ve not already done so, you’re now ready to create your first program and transfer it to your CodeBug Connect over WiFi.