Tricolour Flashy 2

Remixed from: Tricolour Flashy

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Extension to the original Tricolour Flashy: The legs are now referred to using named constants, as is the ON and OFF state of each LED. Hopefully this makes it a little easier to see what is being turned on and off. Added the concept of a mode: the sequence is now started by pressing B, but prior to that, the mode variable can be set to a number between 1 and 9 using the A button. The idea is that, in future versions, the mode can be used to select what happens when B is pressed. Initially, mode is used to set the flashDelay variable. The mode is shown on the on board LED matrix during the sequence, because of this, the corner LEDs are no longer used as indicators. NOTE: although this simulated OK, originally it would not compile: gave an error. This turned out to be because I had defined two constants called ON and OFF. Changing these to LIT and UNLIT solved the problem.

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