Many Faced Bug


CodeBug can display basic images called sprites. These are simply arrangements of on and off LEDs to make a pattern.

These sprites are made using a couple of code blocks and you can use many different patterns to display your emotions.

You will need
CodeBug CodeBug
Micro USB cable
CR2032 battery (optional)

Designing your faces

It is best to plan out your faces so you know how many you will have. Print out this template and get a pencil to plan out which LEDs you are going to have on. Below are some example faces.

Writing your program

Now that your faces are ready, you can program up your bug. You will make CodeBug display a different face by pressing different buttons. Follow the tutorial below.

What next?

If you use delays between different sprites, you can create your own animations. Give it a go and post a video online.

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