Scrolling Name Badge!


To tell CodeBug what to do, you need to give it a list of simple instructions. This list of instructions is known as a program.

You can use this website to create programs and you will be able to them in action before downloading them and programming CodeBug.

You will need
CodeBug CodeBug
Micro USB cable
CR2032 battery

Scrolling text

CodeBug’s LED grid can display letters. If we move these letters from one side of the grid to the other, we can have another letter moving in after it.

It is easy to drag and drop a few blocks on the website to build a scrolling name badge program. Follow the tutorial below to get coding!

Download code onto CodeBug

Well done! You’ve created your first program to tell CodeBug how to scroll your name.

If you are happy with your code, it is time to download it to CodeBug! Follow the instructions on the "Download to CodeBug" pop-up or activity.

Follow the next steps to make a more advanced badge!

Button interaction

Let’s make CodeBug interactive, so that it responds to you pressing either of the buttons.

This can be done by adding a block to your program to wait until either button has been pressed. Follow the tutorial to add this block.

What next?

See what else you can add to your program and impress your friends! The possibilities with CodeBug and programming are endless!

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