Make Your Own Codebug Board Game


CodeBug can be used for all manner of fun things, including your own digital dice! You can print out Snakes and Ladders template to complete your game.

You will need
CodeBug CodeBug
Micro USB cable
Corrugated cardboard
CR2032 battery

Loading the dice

Your CodeBug will act as a dice in your board game. Download this dice project and load it onto your CodeBug or follow the tutorial below to create your own dice.

Create your game board

Print the template for snakes and ladders and then cut out the counters and the holes for CodeBug to sit in. Draw around these holes with a pencil onto your cardboard and cut it out. Stick the printed paper sheet and the cardboard together.

Insert a battery (CR2032) into your CodeBug and place it into the holes you cut. Test the dice works and invite your friends to play!

What next?

Try drawing in more ladders and snakes onto your game board to make the game more challenging. Design your own board game with CodeBug and share it with everyone :)

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