OpenLX SP Ltd CEO presents IOT talk at PyCon UK conference in Cardiff

Sept. 19, 2016, 6:24 p.m.

On 15th September 2016, Dr. Andrew Robinson (CEO of OpenLX SP Ltd) presented a talk on Internet of Things (IoT) devices at the annual PyCon UK conference in Cardiff.

Dedicated to the Python programming language, the PyCon UK conference is the annual gathering of the UK Python community and its friends from around the world.

Dr. Robinson gave a light-hearted introduction to creating IoT gadgets with Python and showcased the ThingsNetwork, which is bringing low cost, low power, community-owned networks for data gathering and remote control.

The talk “Python Cat Flaps - creating smart devices with Python” is available to view here:

Notes for Editors

About OpenLX SP Ltd

Based in Oldham (Manchester), UK, OpenLX are passionate about creating high-quality, easy-to-use tech devices that make teaching and learning coding simpler and more accessible, as well as running coding workshops and generally getting people excited about computer programming. In addition to CodeBug, OpenLX are also the brains behind PiFace (the best-selling add-on for Raspberry Pi boards) and MicroStack.

About Dr. Andrew Robinson

Dr. Andrew Robinson is the CEO of and chief designer at OpenLX SP Ltd. Having completed his PhD in low power embedded processors at the University of Manchester in 2012, he has since gone on to create numerous successful products under the CodeBug, PiFace and MicroStack brands. Specialising in educational and community IT and tech projects, as well as IoT devices and applications, Dr. Robinson is also the initiator of the ThingsNetwork Oldham.

About PyCon UK

A conference dedicated to the Python programming language, PyCon UK is the annual gathering of the UK Python community and its friends from around the world. The 2016 conference took place in Cardiff, from Thursday, 15th to Monday, 19th September. This conference included a programme of talks, workshops, and other events aimed at the whole Python community, from web developers to hardware engineers, from professionals to hobbyists. Also on offer was an education programme, as well as an expanded research programme, aimed at researchers from the humanities, arts and scientists. The children’s day returned, too.

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