Tricolour Flashy 3

Remixed from: Tricolour Flashy 2

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Started to add modes. And now use the concept of LED states. Mode 1 is MODE_DEFAULT: 5 green, 5 amber 5 red. Mode 2 is MODE_JASPER: 10 green, 10 red as in the 'Red...Green...Red...Green' project. Mode 3 is MODE_COMPLIMENTARY: This is also 5 of each but the two LED's are always inverted, i.e. when one is on the other is off and vice versa. Modes 4 through 9 retain the functionality of mode 1 with longer flashDelay. LED states: the 'sequence' consists of three 'phases': green, amber and red. During each phase the LEDs toggles between two 'states': 1 and 2. Variables define what each LED does during each state. By default, the LEDs are off for state 1 and on for state 2. This is modified in mode 3 to get complimentary action.

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