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CodeBug Raspberry Pi plant water detector

CodeBug’s new analogue blocks open up a whole world of cool project ideas, including the Plant pot water detector activity released early this month. We have now expanded this project to work with the Raspberry Pi, to print out useful information on a screen. The display shows a handy bar to show how moist the plant’s soil is and a warning when the plant is dehydrated.

And with the new Raspberry Pi 3's WiFi connectivity you can make your plants email or tweet you when they need watering.

Plants can be made of up to 95% water, so it is very important to make sure they are always given enough water to flourish. Using multiple CodeBugs to provide analogue inputs for your Raspberry Pi over USB, you could keep track of up to 32 potted plants -- enough for most greenhouses!

Please Tweet us pictures of your CodeBug assisted plants. Happy growing!

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