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Headline image for CodeBug Wins Elektra Consumer Product of the Year!

CodeBug Wins Elektra Consumer Product of the Year!

As you may already know, last month CodeBug was entered into Elektra’s ‘Electronic Product of the Year’ award. After a few tense weeks of watching the votes come in, we were unsure who was going to win and by the time the polls closed it was neck and neck! Last Tuesday, at the awards ceremony, it was announced that CodeBug had won! Andrew was there to accept the trophy (along with his trusty CodeBug badge).

Here is Elektra's 2015 Winners page and a photo gallery.

We are so grateful to not only everyone who voted but also everyone who has helped us so far including the Kickstarter backers and everyone who has bought and created something with CodeBug. You’ve all helped us reach this far and we’re very excited about what the future holds for CodeBug.

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