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ColourStar and GlowBugs

We’re getting into the festive cheer here at CodeBug and to celebrate Christmas we are releasing CodeBug GlowBugs and ColourStar! Make your projects wonderfully colourful and decorate your home with these full colour light up stars and mini croc-clippable bugs. Check out The CodeBug Shop to get yours today :)

CodeBug ColourStar CodeBug GlowBugs

We have already sent out a few ColourStars and GlowBugs to see what people think of them and we're excited by what you're creating with them.

ColourStar plugs straight onto your CodeBug and has handy mounting holes for building your own star wand or to sew it to a jumper and become the brightest star in the room this holiday. There are so many ways to brighten up these winter nights with ColourStar, you could use it as a Christmas tree topper, or even as a dining table centerpiece.

GlowBugs connect to your CodeBug using the croc-clippable legs. You can control up to 80 of them from a single CodeBug, perfect for decorating your Christmas tree.

ColourStar and GlowBugs are really easy to use, and we have written some fun activities to get you started including making your own ColourStar wand and how to use GlowBugs as wearables as well as introduction guides to both GlowBugs and ColourStar.

Give the gift of coding this Christmas in full colour!

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