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Star Wars lightsaber

The new Star Wars film is not so far far away and we here at CodeBug are eagerly awaiting the next chapter of the epic saga. To celebrate the release and to start feeling the force, we decided to make our own office lightsaber using CodeBug and GlowBugs. It was really fun and only took us a few parsecs to make (sic) ;)

CodeBug Star Wars lightsaber

The lightsaber activates when you press button A (make your own whooshing sounds) and cycles through 4 different colours when pressing button B. Get yourself some GlowBugs from The CodeBug Shop and try the lightsaber project out for yourself.

Tweet us @_codebug to let us know what your favourite colour is!

It seems like we’re not the only ones getting excited about Star Wars, Mereside Primary have made a Yoda Sayings CodeBug project, clearly the force is strong with these young padawans.

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