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CodeBug Games!

Everyone loves playing video games and some of us enjoy making them even more than playing them! We have seen hundreds of games made on CodeBug,

Our friends at MadLab have been running great CodeBug workshops, and one of their attendees has made this super game of snake. It takes me back to my Nokia 3310 days (showing my age) where snake was the best game you could play on a phone!

Schools and coding clubs have been making all sorts of games, including these amazing year 3 and 4 pupils' steady hand games.

Simon Walters has recreated the classic Conway’s Game of Life on CodeBug, where cells can reproduce to create amazing patterns!

We have made a few fun game based activities, including Steady hand game, Pick up CodeBug (similar to Operation) and a Snakes and Ladders board game for you to get stuck into.

Our latest game creation is amazing... ;) it’s a maze! You navigate through the maze by holding the different leg inputs while touching the ground leg. Try it yourself here. If you enjoy it, have a go at Remixing it, and making your very own maze game! CodeBug maze game

Send us videos of your CodeBug games on Twitter @_codebug with the hashtag #gameoncodebug

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